A camera dump and little bit of normal life around the campground.  My daughter, Kennadee, flew in for a visit which of course, brought out her best friend, my sister and her kids.  We loved having this group visit our tiny home.


Jenny (my sister), Kennadee, Me, Brynnley (Kennadee’s best friend), Maggie (niece) and Carsyn (niece).  My nephew, Dawson, was also there but he didn’t want to be in the pic so he took the pic!  You can tell Jenny is in huge trouble with Mags!  So much sass and I love it!


Little known fact about Vince is he eats an entire tomato as a snack.  Hopefully this little plant will supply him with more than enough snacks!  We will call this container camper gardening and our first attempt.


I’m a total fan girl and was totally stoked to see Trent Willmon following me on Twitter.  The retweet was actually very old but he seems new to Twitter so he’s forgiven!  And he followed me!  The song I mentioned was On Again Tonight.  It’s an oldie but still amazing.

We are still working on the remodel.  I am going to take the tile to the top on that side.  You just don’t see the pic yet because I haven’t finished.  I decided to paint the bottom cabinets a dark gray.  These are not finished yet so don’t bother pointing out the flaws to me.  I can already see them and I’m already on it.  And by on it, I’ve put blue tape on the flaws for Vince to fix.  I would post that pic but Vince would kill me. I am going to paint the top cabinets white.  I’ve already picked out wallpaper and floors.  Poor Vince.


My baby daughter is in town now.  She’s such an animal lover and immediately found a tick on Optimus.  She supervised Vince’s surgery to remove the disgusting thing.  She hasn’t left yet so there will be more pictures to come.  She rocked her freshman year in college and I’m so happy to have her home, errr camping, for a few days.


This post might be a lot of TMI but bear with me.  I finished the ItWorks Cleanse yesterday and wanted to give the interested folks my opinion.  If you don’t care, stop reading now.

The Cleanse is only two days which was a huge selling point for me.  I can’t stay focused.  You drink one 4 oz can in the morning and one in the evening but only for two days.  So easy and it sort of tasted like drinking a sweet tart.  I just chugged it because that’s how I roll.


This product is super gentle.  I didn’t have tummy rumblings or urgency.  You could wear white pants.  This is huge with me.  I  have issues in that department.  I’ve read the book, “Everybody Poops” but it’s just not for me.

When Vince and I got married, I held it for five days on our honeymoon.  When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I went to the hotel lobby under the illusion of getting us coffee.  I’ve made him go to QT more than once so I could have the house to myself.  And now we live in a camper! I go to the shower house a lot or I make him go outside.  He’s no allowed to smoke in the camper so take a break, dude. (He hates it when I call him “dude.”)  The point of this story, the Cleanse never created an emergency where I didn’t have time to secure my privacy.

Cleanse is meant to reset and re-balance.  I feel great.  You can do it monthly so I circled the date on my calendar!  Will be doing it again!!  You can get some for yourself here.

It Begins

There are so many blogs and Facebook groups devoted to remodeling your RV.  At first, Vince was not on board.  He even made me double check with a dealer, in case we ever traded in our current home.  I am just not sure how many manufacturers believe anyone enjoys their stock decor.  It’s horrible.  We’ve committed to this little space for a year so I can’t be expected to look at this hideous decor much longer.

The brown walls and terrible wallpaper border must go.  I have big plans for our tiny house on wheels.  One huge positive is it’s very inexpensive to remodel 350 square feet.  I found the backsplash I wanted on sale.  It’s a discontinued color so I got it for half price and since I didn’t need much, this upgrade was around $30.

It’s a peel and stick tile that was so easy to apply.  I actually did most of it myself but when it came to cutting around the controls, I let Vince take over.


I think it’s so darn cute and just want to keep going.  Not with the tile but with all my other ideas.  Poor Vince.  He thought the honey do list ended when he sold the house.  It’s currently longer than ever.


Love it!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you know I’m doing the two day Cleanse from ItWorks.  I will post a review tomorrow of how I’m feeling.


I’ve been trying to write this post for week.  It’s a heavy subject and one I was totally oblivious to until I joined the RV life.  Homeless were the people you served in a soup kitchen when you volunteered at church or Girl Scouts.  That’s my only experience before I lived amongst them for a few months.  Homeless isn’t just the people lining up for a bed in the shelter.  Campgrounds are full of us but I do feel like there is a hierarchy.

Retired – usually in expensive rigs, sometimes friendly, don’t stay put long.  Most of this group have homes they return to after traveling for months at a time.  This a stereotype of the ones I met.  Optimus got out one evening and did not go anywhere near this particular couple’s RV but she had to chat with me.  She walks her cat every morning and doesn’t want to worry about meeting my corgi unleashed.  Oh dear.  I did miss her talking to my immediate neighbor when his dog got out but that’s the Bitter Betty side of me.  She also isn’t following my stereotype as she’s been here longer than a week but for the most part, the retirees are the kings and queens of the campgrounds.

Intentionally Homeless – working but choose this lifestyle based on their jobs or desire to travel.  Usually we are pretty laid back and just living life.  Obviously, this is where Vince and I fall.  I feel like we were pretty clueless going into this.  We weren’t aware of the growing trend towards this life.  We’ve met several families tired of mortgages, tired of utilities, searching for freedom.  Mid-life crisis?  Possibly but we’ve seen all ages choosing the RV life.  It doesn’t suck.  I can clean the house top to bottom in 30 minutes.  If I don’t like my neighbors, I move.  Google Travellers or text your girl for my recent movement.

Working Homeless – this group has been the  most surprising to me.  Two income families that can’t afford rent for various reasons.  Kids attend school but the districts consider them homeless.  They have a home, it’s just on wheels.  Parents work.  It’s normal life in a much smaller space.  The ones we have met, desire a bricks and mortar dwelling.  They didn’t choose this life.  My heart breaks for them because I want them to have it all.

Car Campers – people living in their car.  We’ve only had limited interaction but I can tell you there is a spot in suburbia KC with a car community.  I think living in a camper is rough, I can’t imagine doing life in a car.  But if you can’t rent an apartment and you can’t afford a camper, the next option is the car life.  There are also Facebook groups of people intentionally choosing to live in vans and such so I’m not saying everyone is down on their luck but it’s a world I didn’t know existed.  Naive much?

Homeless – or what I considered homeless.  I can’t say I’ve had a bad run in but I do tend to meet them in the laundry rooms and shower houses at campgrounds.  As in life, most are very nice.  I don’t know all their stories.  One man in the laundry room told me he was a former Marine and hit hard times after his divorce.  I gave him a quarter when he came up short on the dryer.  He told me he had just landed a job but he needed clean clothes to start.  Sucker?  Probably since a girl walked in and landed a big old smooch on him.  He introduced her as his girlfriend but then he stepped outside to smoke.  She told me they had met 48 hours ago and had been partying non-stop.  She was really tired and hoping to sleep after laundry.  Interesting.  He came in and she started taking clothes out of the dryer and putting them on her body.  She said warm clothes from the dryer were her favorite.  He told her that was probably a luxury considering how they lived.  No judgement.

I choose to be homeless and there are days I question our sanity.  There are days I miss my house and my yard but plenty of days that I don’t.  This isn’t what I thought I would be when I grew up.  I also think this post sounds shallow and oblivious since I’m shocked by all the people considered homeless.  It’s not like movies.

New Problem

Our bathroom door keeps locking.  Only there isn’t a lock on it.  I swear, every time I need to go bad, the door won’t open.  Vince has to get tools out to pry the door open.  We have yet to figure out why this is happening.


I don’t mean to laugh but last night, Vince got stuck.  He went in the middle of the night and got locked in.  I’ve never been locked in, usually locked out but he claims it took him yelling at me for 15 minutes before I woke up.  I think he exaggerates because even thought he is a patient man, I don’t think he stood in the bathroom for 15 minutes without kicking the door down.  I mean, we all have our limits.

Awake, I wasn’t much more help.  I couldn’t pick the non-existent lock with the knife the way he does.  He won’t let me use power tools.  He told me to use a credit card and then changed his mind to our HyVee fuel saver card.  He thought I would break his debit card and then what?  I still couldn’t pick the lock because there isn’t a lock!!!  I passed the fuel saver card under the door and he got it open.

He then decided to just keep the card in the bathroom in case of an emergency.  The emergency will be if I get locked in when he is not home.  I can’t pick an imaginary lock.  I don’t understand what is happening!



Vince’s Turn Times 3

Don’t get too excited, he didn’t write this post.  This is his episode of camper crafts.  Cue the applause.  The kitty litter has been a big topic on this blog and in our daily life.  I loved it in the cabinet but couldn’t keep Mary out of it.


I hated it in the shower because you could smell it every time Mike used the facilities.  And if Vince wanted to shower, he had to move the box and then bleach the shower.  There was nothing convenient about it.  My sister, Jenny, did tell me when she came over, she couldn’t smell the kitty litter.  Vince did a good job of cleaning it but when we came home from work and opened the door, we knew immediately if Mike had used the box or not.

We are now on to our third attempt.  Thanks to the interwebs, and other RV lifestylers, I got the idea to cut a hole into Vince’s night stand.  It leads to the storage space under the front of the camper.  My thought process is the dogs can’t find it, Mike can get there, we can empty the litter from outside.  When I was at the shower yesterday, Vince made all my kitty litter dreams come true.


Sorry for the blurry before pic.  Vince did not take pics of his process because he is an amateur blogger.  This terrible pic is actually my nightstand that we will not cut holes in because it’s mine and it’s terrible enough Mike sleeps on my head.


Sorry about the pic with the actual shit included. This is real life.  After Vince cut the hole, Mike found the box immediately.  We are going to put a curtain over it so we don’t have to look at it.  You actually can’t see it if you happen to walk on Vince’s side of the bed.

The outside feature is my favorite part!  Open that door and voila – the kitty litter.  So easy to scoop into the trash!

Of course, Mary already found it but that has been an easy fix.  I know the door is paper but the dogs ignore it when it’s closed.


Sorry for the unmade bed and messy camper counters.  You caught us in a real moment.  Really happy to not smell kitty litter!

Camper Crafts

My nephew is getting married and I was called upon to organize the shower for my side of the family.  This includes the shower decorations and the first time I’ve attempted to do any sorts of crafts in my camper. The weather was cold and windy so I had to be indoors.  No bueno.    It was tough.  I don’t have a table large enough inside to spread out.  The floor is bumpy and it wasn’t ideal conditions but I needed to make a banner for a fireplace and photo prop.

shower shower2

Somehow turn this pile of supplies into something while being crammed into a tiny space. Obviously the plain gift bags are becoming a banner.

I realized I don’t own a nice outfit to wear to the shower but I kept a hole punch.  Came in handy but really?  I got rid of 98% of my clothing but kept a hole punch!  WTF!


Vince thinks I bag on him a lot in this blog.  Maybe I do so here is evidence that he is really nice and made me a bacon and egg sandwich during my craft break.  Thanks, babe!  You will have to check my Facebook page as to why he didn’t accept my gratitude since I can’t made fun of him during this post.

And then he helped me with the photo board!  So much awesomeness.

I don’t think it turned out too bad for being created in a camper.

My sister and her future daughter in law!  Her son, Carter, is the first grandchild to be married so it’s pretty exciting for our family.

Camper life is pretty close to the same as house life.  You still attend family functions.  You’re still called to craft.  The living quarters are small but the life is still very large.