We can pack up our old dreams and our old lives . . .

We’ll find a place where the suns still shines.

The News:  We quit our jobs, sold our house, and “things” to move into a RV and travel the country.   For the sake of clarification, our “RV” is a pull behind camper but she’s our new home.

IMG_3222Honestly, we are shitting our pants.

Total cheeseballs but this adventure was inspired by the movie, “Passenger.”  Get over Chris Pratt’s character being selfish and “rapey” but the idea of building a life without the influences of office jobs, bills and people appealed to us.  Of course, these things don’t go away.  It is a movie but we are creating a life more on our terms.  We won’t be tied to a mortgage, car payments, commutes, etc.  Right now, we feel we work for a house that no one is in since our babies grew up.  After work, we are cleaning or working on same house or fixing cars or running errands.  We don’t make time for family or friends because we are busy with superficial obligations.  So, under the full, super blood moon, lunar eclipse, we made the decision to jump out of our empty nest. (Yep, this has only been in the works for about two weeks but it all fell into place.  Meant to be.)

We hope you will follow along as we embark on this journey.  Buckle up, keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times because it’s going to be crazy.

P.S.  Yes, the animals are going with us.  🙂


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