The House That Built Me

This week has been rough.  I’ve ridden the roller coaster of emotion and am basically all over the place.  Poor Vince is walking on egg shells – is the crazy woman going to hug me or stab me?  Honestly, I will probably shank him during the hug.  I’m very fortunate he loves all 27 of my personalities.

Today was our home inspection for the sale and it’s super bittersweet.  The inspector said he doesn’t worry about these homes because they were built in the days when things were done right, back when people took pride in their work.  She’s a good old house.  Deep sigh and sadness because he is right.  She isn’t the biggest or fanciest house but she was always filled with my favorite people.


I do hope the new family recognizes what a great house they live in and fill it with as much love as we did. I hope they put the Christmas tree in the front window.


I hope their daughter has the basement bedroom and fills it with friends on a Friday night.  The laughter rises through the vents and fills all the rooms with warmth.  I hope she covers the walls with posters of musician she loves and sings in the shower.  I hope your kids slide down the railing on the stairs to the backyard more successfully than ours.  Our darling daughters broke that rail while filming a YouTube video.  I hope the house continues to have an unlocked front door for a place to hang out or take a nap.  I hope you don’t have a heart attack when they wake up.  I hope you hang a cross above her door and fill her full of memories.  She has a ton of storage space!  I don’t think I realized this until I find a full closet every time I think I’m done!  I hope you plant a garden.  I never got around to this and her yard is perfect.  Of course, I cursed the fertile land because it’s overgrown in no time with flowers and vines and whatever previous owners have planted.  It does not go away.  Don’t even try.  I hope you just learn to love it.

We lived in this house for almost a decade.  She saw good times and bad times but mostly lots of laughter.  Going through our material belongings has brought so many memories to the surface.  My friend, Kristin said I need to embrace this process.  Most people are dead when the family is going through possessions.  I’m getting to enjoy the memories with my children and husband.  I’m here.  Be present.  And isn’t what this new adventure is about?  Being present.

Cheers to our beautiful home!




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