And we are off . . .

Well, we are off Sunset Drive and parked in our first campground.  It’s not as exciting as it sounds since we are still in Kansas City and technically this adventure began a month ago but today feels like the first day.  We live in a camper. We live in a camper!


Our first official camp.  We are still trying to figure out a routine, our new normal. We do have four dogs and a cat adjusting to this extreme life decision with us.  I call it Intentionally Homeless but I honestly think the dogs are doing well, if not better than the humans.  They are not barking excessively and seem to be enjoying their walks instead of just being let out in the back yard.  I bought a pooper scooper because I am not bagging up shit.  If it touches my hand, even through plastic, I will vomit so I made Vince in charge of the scooper today.  He’s the president of poop.


HOA President of Cunningham Poop Patrol and Mary on the walking trail near the campground.


They all have claimed their spots.  Sara and Mary are the only two pictured here but Monroe is on the back of the couch and Optimus is sitting next to Vince.  I will do a camper tour when I get things more organized and show where the doggies hang out when we are working.  Stay with me.


Another pic of Mary because she is my baby.  She was waiting for V and the other dogs to catch up. Optimus has been my favorite lately but Mary is the youngest and by far, the sweetest.  She does think she is a four pound lap dog but that is a problem for another day.

The cat is a different story.  He’s an asshole.  He already tore up the metal strip in front of the door off trying to escape.  Vince was not happy with that repair.  Mike cries.  He hides behind the toilet which could be viewed as lucky since I’ve shit myself when something furry has rubbed my leg.  His other spot is the shelf next to Vince’s side of the bed.  Vince enjoyed waking up this morning to Mike staring at him.  No need for coffee, his blood was pumping.

Mike did escape today but I shook the bag of kitty treats and he came back to me. I was so happy and relieved until I picked him up, held out a treat and he missed the treat to bite my finger!  I’ve been googling cat bites all day.  I did a MRSA stint a few years ago so any open wounds freak me out and this still hurts.  My finger has a heart beat twelve hours later.  Vince says I should have just let Mike stay on Sunset!  Maybe the new peeps moving in to our house would want a cat.  He’s very protective but won’t stay off your counters – not even in the camper.


Our friend, Todd, suggested we install a live cam like Big Brother or Survivor to see who gets voted out of the camper.  I personally think it would be a boring show because we all know Vince is the first to go and Mike will be the last man, errrr cat, standing.  I suppose it could be humorous but for now, you get the blog and my dramatic Facebook post.  Cheers!




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