Green Acres

Vince wants me to preface this story with another story, meaning he wants to assign blame.  Now he is not blaming me for what exactly happened but he is blaming me for this entire adventure because it was MY idea.  And I guess it was.  Welcome to my crazy.


After we had locked the safety bar on this roller coaster, we went to Jack Stack BBQ to celebrate.  The sweet bartender asked us what we were celebrating.  I confidently told her we had just sold our house, we were quitting our normal jobs and we were hitting the open road with new careers.  As soon as the words flew out, I turned to Vince with wide eyes and said,  “That sounds so much better when I say it in my head.  I’ve never said it out loud before.  What did we just do?”

Keep in mind, the roller coaster is in motion.  Vince realizes he’s been listening to the voices in my head as well.  He orders a double shot of WTF but here we are.  The great camper debate is now which one is the most crazy – the person with the voices in her head or the dumb man doing what the voices say.


Our first camper screw up is we are still in Missouri but we are from Missouri.  We know Missouri in March is cold.  Our rookie mistake is the water hose froze overnight. Embarrassing because we are not new to camping but we did not take precaution so we did not have water this morning.  No worries because we are in a campground so we do our business in the shower house except I forgot my toothbrush.  Get back to the camper, turn on the faucet to see if maybe a trickle had thawed out.  Nope.  Brush my teeth with some water from a water bottle and we head out the door to conquer the morning.


This smart couple arrives back to camp hours later for some ham sandwiches.  We open the door and there is water freaking everywhere.  My first thought is Optimus and Monroe have peed like they never have been outside in their lives.  They are the only two not kenneled and therefore, responsible.  We walk all the way in and it’s not piss.  It’s water puddled all over the floor.  Vince begins cursing like the father in “A Christmas Story” and running around like he’s fixing the furnace.  It’s a clinker, that blasted stupid furnace dadgummit.

Vince discovers our water is turned off so he turns it back on to see where the flooding started.  The bathroom sink faucet starts flowing.  So let’s recap.  I tried for a drop of water this morning to brush my teeth in the privacy of my camper with no luck.  In my frustration and established craziness, I left the faucet on.  We left.  The gorgeous Missouri sun thaws our hose quickly so the bathroom sink begins working perfectly.  The gray tank fills up and backs up into the bathtub and then backs up into our camper.

There are several things to be thankful for at this point.  Our old camper had a shower stall, not a bathtub.  We have a small tub that filled up before it began spilling into the camper.


Vince did not level the camper perfectly so all the water ran to the front of the camper.  I’m sure now he will claim this is intentional but I will tell the truth and it was not.  However, thankfully, the camper is not level so the water ran to the front and away from our computer and dogs.  Our floors are “tile” and everything wet will dry out.

Very grateful to our lovely campground host that happened to walk by and see water pouring out the front of our camper.  He stopped and turned off our water.  When Vince went to talk to him, he said he hates to admit it but it’s also happened to him.  His advise is to leave the gray tank open when we are parked but we know from experience, not all campgrounds allow this.  This one does.  Vince says he is just going to turn off the water when we leave from now on.



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