Trailside RV Park

Our time at our first campground in this adventure has ended and all I can say is -Thankfully.


Trailside is located on I-70 at the Grain Valley exit with 84 sites.  Your basic needs are met with electricity, water and a picnic table!


Not sure if you can see the picnic table in this picture but it really isn’t anything to get excited about.  I wouldn’t eat off it with a tablecloth.  We travel with our own table.  Camping snobs.

The playground seemed fun except no dogs allowed.  Dogs are allowed in the park unless you are a pit bull, doberman, rottweiler or weigh more than 75 pounds.  Thank goodness Mary is a 60 pound lab.  (wink, wink)

I was super psyched to whip Vince’s ass in some tether ball but as you can see, the ball is as awesome as the picnic table.

To be fair, we were there in March so the pool area was not open but I took pics anyway in case you feel like staying there some summer.  They do have WiFi but we never got it to connect the entire time.  We complained.  They gave us the password more than thrice but still no connection.  We gave up.  We used our hot spot on the phones and our jet pack.


The office is very nice and clean.  Our host were lovely as I mentioned before, he saved our dogs from drowning.  I did feel safe here even though the amenities are not great.  The laundry room is spacious with a TV in the lobby but you can’t change the channel so I watched Housewife’s from my phone.  Real Housewives of Trailside. We didn’t have any drama except our neighbors constantly parked on our site and liked to remote start his truck way before we had to wake up in the morning.

The bathrooms were clean.  Excellent reading material in the men’s restroom.

I don’t want to totally bash this campground.  The location is very convenient to everything in Kansas City which is why we chose it.  Would I ever stay here again – hopefully not.


Mike supervising this campground review.  There were a lot of stray cats on the property which drove our dogs nuts.  There is a lot of highway noise due to being next to I-70.  But you are also next to Trailside RV Store.  They did have my amazing ice cube trays and gave us a catalog.  We’ve circled items like Christmas.

I guess I would give this campground a neutral rating.  Clean counts for a lot.  Basic is the best word to describe it.  And now we are on the to the next one.


Every time I see the back of our camper, I am reminded of the movie, Vacation.  Holiday Road.  Cracks me up.

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