Worlds of Fun Village

Our second campground was the lovely Worlds of Fun Village off 435N right next to, you guessed it, Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun in Kansas City.


We actually really enjoyed our stay here and would stay longer but work is pulling us South and I’ve already mentioned, I prefer sleep.  The campground has 82 RV sites on concrete pads.  Vince had no problem leveling the camper.  Each site comes with a picnic table, grill and a trash can.  An employee came by every day and emptied the trash so I will just live here forever.  They also have 25 cabins and 20 cottages if you are not fortunate enough to own a camper.

The office was nice and even included a store.  The store was not fully stocked yet for the season but had the basics including Bud Light!  The shower houses were beyond clean, clean, clean!  Vince even had water pressure.  The pool and hot tub were not open yet. The open date is today but I don’t think that is going to happen with the snow/sleet on Easter morning.


We enjoyed the view of the park and watching the men work on the Mamba.  Those people are crazy walking the tracks!  They have 24 hour security and we were even stopped once when we took the dogs on a walk.  They wanted to know what site we were staying on and said they do get a lot of homeless people coming to the park from across the street.  I guess being intentional isn’t obvious.

The WiFi connected on the first try to all of our devices! Glory, Hallelujah!  The pricing is very reasonable and was actually less than Trailside.  You can stay here for a month before having to move for at least 24 hours.  I really only have one complaint about this park.  The Laundry Room:


You would think with how amazing everything else is in the park that the laundry facility would be better than this.  There are 3 washers and 3 dryers except one washer was out of order so there are 2 washers and 3 dryers.  I got way spoiled with washing everything we owned in an hour.  This was pure nonsense and it cost more per load.  I guess we paid less per night but more per laundry load.  First world problem but it won’t deter me from staying here again.


I forgot to mention the trees for privacy.  The Village is open year round and had plenty of empty spaces but someone did move in right next door to us.  I guess sometimes you meet people for reasons you don’t understand but if you pray, send good thoughts to this family.  Their situation is not intentional but they were very kind and their children were beyond polite.  I hope they find joy and resolution.

As for us, we are on to the next one!


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