Out in the Boondocks

When we pulled into our new home, the campground host commented that we must really love to camp since it was sleeting.  Ummm yea, that’s it.  I mean, we obviously don’t hate it but we just came from the glamping life so here I am, adjusting . . . again.

Before we moved out of our house, I told Vince about this growing trend in the RV community of Boondockers.  These people camp for free on public land and even though technically, staying over night at WalMart would qualify as Boondocking, true ‘dockers get really offended being lumped in with the parking lot crowd.  They use generators or solar panels for electricity.  Water is bottled or how long they can survive with what is in their tank.  WiFi is a maybe depending on how remote they go and if they are trying to live off the grid.

In my opinion, our current campground is pretty primitive and Vince is comparing it to Boondocking to cheer me up.  We have electricity but no WiFi unless we turn on our jetpack.  We have water but it was frozen all day yesterday and most of today.  This time it was not our fault.  And we are paying for these luxurious accommodations so not Boondocking at all.  Did I mention there is no laundry room?

We replaced the baby gate with this industrial strength gate?!  I don’t know what else you would call it but I don’t think the dogs can escape from their room again.  doggygate

A dog ate my Timberland boots so that was all the purging I had in me.  Sorry, Vince.  Hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow and I will have a view of the lake so my soul can reset.


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