He’s Alive

Editor’s Note:  I keep getting asked a lot of questions about Vince.  Yes, he is still alive.  He wrote a little blog or cry for help.  You decide.

SOL ?????

I wanted to write a quick little blog about our life in the camper.  Our work days seem to blend together and we never know what day it is.  We are always asking each other if it’s Monday or Thursday?  What is the date?  We also ask what direction is the front of the house facing on the houses we are inspecting for storm damage.  Luckily we have an app for that.

Our first storm is in Pleasant Hill.  I know this town.  I lived here.  You don’t go to the door before 5 pm on the week days or before 10 am on a Saturday.  Door bells are for strangers.  You knock on the door in PHill as it’s a sign of your friend is here for flour or sugar.  After 7 pm, you better be ready for a beer and bullshit around the bonfire.

The best part of this storm is my baby sister and mother live there.  I get to inspect damage in their neighborhood and watch my niece and nephew playing.


Not sure if you can see Maveric in the blue power wheels truck but it’s pretty awesome to be at work and see little man playing at the same time.  When I was on this roof, I could hear Becky and Chelsea (little sister) laughing.  It echoed through the cul-de-sac.  My mom also lives in PHill and I could hear her and Becky solving world problems when I was on her roof.  It’s a different view from the top.

Two months ago, I never thought my job would take me to an area of town where I could see my mom and my sister every day.  It’s been a blessing.

I’m not sure Becky will include this in her campground review but this is where I fell in with her ten years ago.

Blessing come at the oddest times.

– Vince

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