First World Problems

Adjusting to RV life has been rough.  I knew I was a brat but I also knew that I loved our weekend camper at the lake so I was smug.  I got this but all my feelings don’t even fit in this Holiday Rambler!  I find myself agitated easily because everything has to stay picked up or there is nowhere to walk.  Vince is a toddler and drops whatever is in his hand wherever he stands.  At least he is close to me when I am throwing his shit back at him. My percentage of hitting him is a lot higher now than when we lived in a house.

I shouldn’t complain too much about Vince because he does change the propane tank in the middle of the night when the furnace stops working.  He walks the dogs more than I do.  He cleans out the kitty litter.  I am trying to ignore his socks on the floor next to his side of the bed even though I can see them from where I am typing.  He’s not a first world problem but the rest of this post whines ridiculousness.

I am not sure my beloved plant is going to make it. The dogs are not leaving it alone and I am not sure where to move it.

I guess she looks better than she did scattered all over the floor but I still don’t think she is going to survive.

One of our couch cushions is forever smooshed.  No matter how many times I fluff, it sags.  It bothers me.  I want our couch to look nice.  We don’t have a lot of material things so I want a nice couch.


I caught Optimus in the act but he’s not the only one that ruins the cushion.  This is the favorite spot of all the dogs.  They can look out the window and bark at everyone.  The campground host drives by in his golf cart hourly.  You can set your watch by the howls.  Sure, I can close that blind but then they stick their noses through the blinds and break that too.  I think every room in our house on Sunset had a broken blind from nosey dog noses.  The blind was only closed for the picture.

We’ve established Mike is an asshole.  Things have not improved.  He sleeps on my head.  I’m trying to take it as a compliment because google says he’s protecting me.  Thanks but get off my head.  He’s not smothering me because he’s literally on the top of my head with his paws in my hair.  Google also says he could just like the smell of my shampoo.  My shampoo is not new.  He never slept on my head when we lived on Sunset so I don’t understand this new obsession.


You can not be on the computer without him.  Most the time he’s on the keyboard and you have to push him off.  He will not go away.  Put him on the floor, he comes right back.  Throw him across the camper, he comes right back – not that I would do that.  There is no escaping him.  Ever.  I wonder if we would have given him a different name, his personality would be different.  Michael Corleone might be too much.

I think I just need some warm weather.  We had one day of sun and my favorite part of camping happened.


Fire!  Except Vince wouldn’t let me start the fire. (oops, there is that negativity again) In fact, he started the fire without telling me because he used gas.  I love to start the fire but he gets mad/worried when I use gas because it’s been out of control before.  I’m not proud of my pyromania but I do love to burn things. Reminds me of burning leaves with my Grandma at the Ozarks.  She let me start the fire and she let me take the trash down the hill to the metal barrel and set it on fire by myself.  One of Vince’s most romantic moments was when he came home with a bundle of wood and lighter fluid.  Forget flowers in a vase, know what your woman wants.

When I was sitting next to the fire, I watched the deer wander around.  They come up pretty close and we’ve seen them every day.  Our dogs barking don’t bother them.


I’m ready to be out of this adjustment phase.  I’ve been receiving a lot of questions on Facebook.  I plan on doing a Q&A post soon so keep them coming.  I think they are pretty funny but I am the crazy person that sold all her stuff to live in a camper so fire away.  FIRE.  Fire.  fire.





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