Today is my favorite day!  Vince and I got married on Friday the 13th so every time this date rolls around, it’s an anniversary.  We’ve only been married 9 years but this is our 16th Friday the 13th!  See, how I’ve worked in all this extra attention from him?  I don’t really need it since we live in tight quarters but it was a great thought at the time.

The weather this week has been amazing mostly due to the sun.  I need the light and warmth.

Paperwork by the camper beats being stuck in an office any day.  Vince inspecting a roof with our nephew, Maveric, holding the ladder.  This weekend is going to be weather challenged but hoping for an amazing week starting Monday.  Let’s get this spring rolling.


We did meet a lovely family, fellow bloggers, living the RV dream.  Instead of four dogs and a cat, their adventure includes two children.  It was great to discuss “issues” with like-minded friends.  For example, how many pairs of shoes did you keep?  Have you purged anything already?  What kind of grill do you have?  Do you cook inside or outside?  Where do you work in the RV?  How do you stay organized?  Definitely solving world problems but it was interesting to hear how they do it and relieved to hear they are going through some of the same mental stuff.  Haven’t met many people in person going the opposite way of a normal life.  You can follow Tiffany and Jacob and their adorable children here. 


Mike’s karma finally caught up to him.  He got stuck on the top of the bathroom door.  I don’t even feel bad he was scared and cried for help as I got my phone out to snap a picture.  Not sure what he thought he was doing but he made a mistake and I was very happy to witness it.  He’s lucky we were home!

Until next time!

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