Lake Jacomo Campground

About eight years ago, Vince and I thought it would be a great time to take our kids camping.  We had a lot of them and it seemed like a cheap, fun activity.  We owned tents and planned a weekend adventure not far from Sunset Drive in case things went South.  I remember having a good time with smores, ghost stories around the campfire and water balloon fights.  We couldn’t wait for Jacomo to open for the season to move our home there and relive the awesomeness.

Sometimes memories are better than the reality.  The views are gorgeous if you are lucky enough to get one of the 19 full hookup sites.  There are 57 spots total with varying degrees of comfort but they cater to campers.  You can only stay there for 14 days before you have to move along.  We did ask for an extension and they approved it since we are there for work but we decided I am not really a camper.  We need WiFi to work (and watch Vanderpump Rules)  and there is none.  Not loving our Sprint jet pack and it may go back.  We need laundry and there is not a laundry room.  I am super high maintenance.

Jacomo does offer an amazing camp host.  They are very nice people and we enjoyed meeting them.  You can buy firewood and ice.  Your site comes with a grill and a picnic table.  The playground was nice but again, no dogs allowed.  I’m not sure why dogs are not allowed at any of the playgrounds.

The shower house was clean but cold.  There were four bathroom/shower houses.  The water was hot but the room was so large that when you stepped out, you froze your ass off.  Didn’t enjoy that part but it was clean.  One of these days in my Q&A post, I will address why I don’t shower in my camper.



There are deer everywhere and raccoons.  The dumpster was not near our site so we would throw our bag in the back of the truck only to find paw prints all over the truck and the trash shredded.  In our defense, we did just come from Worlds of Fun and they took care of our trash.

Would I stay here again?  On vacation – yes.  To live my life – no.  I need the basic things like WiFi and laundry.  I went to a laundry mat during this Jacomo stay.  I wasn’t impressed. In fact, I walked out of one in Lee’s Summit and drove to Blue Springs.  Laundry mat reviews could be an entirely new niche.  Actually, Kristin, I think this could be your calling.

Let’s see if you can guess where I am now!


Home Sweet Home!

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