We’ve been receiving a lot of questions about our lifestyle change.  We are two months in so I feel we are experts now (ha ha) and can answer a few of them.  You’re in for an extra treat because I will allow Vince to answer them for himself.

What do you eat?

B – Normal food.  We go to the store and our camper has a stove and fridge just like normal folks in a house.  Sometimes we grill out.  It’s the same life, people.  I would say the only difference is we don’t buy in bulk.  There is no room for a bag of apples or a 12 pack of toilet paper.  We only buy what we need at that moment.

V – One of Bec’s rules is we have to get a camp site within a mile of a Taco Bell.  Just kidding. This is one of the things that reminds me of how New Yorkers must live.  We have to shop for just a couple days instead of the entire week.  I would like to think its healthier for us because we normally cook fresh food but not really. With this new job, I am finding we are eating at very odd hours of the day. Last night we didn’t have dinner until almost 9:00 pm.


Why don’t you shower in the camper?

B – Because the fucking hot water only last 5 minutes tops!  I enjoy a long, luxurious, scald-my-skin shower.  I just start relaxing and the hot water is gone.  I would rather go to the shower house and feel like I took a shower.  We have checked in to getting a tankless water heater.  All the reviews say the hot water will last an hour so sign me up.  However, it cost $1200.  Gonna have to save some coins.

V –  I take showers in the camper depending on the weather outside.  There is a switch on the shower head that lets you turn to water on and off.  I can make the 5 minute water last.  If you grew up in house full of girls, like I did, you knew to be the first one to the shower or the hot water was gone by the time it was your turn. Don’t get me wrong, certain shower houses are super nice and worth walking to them.

Where do you keep your clothes?

B – In a tiny closet that I need to purge again.  I guess you forgot that I sold or donated the majority of my wardrobe.  I really don’t own clothes or shoes anymore.  Who the hell am I?

V – Clothes, who needs them? I have a maybe 10 tee shirts and 2 sweatshirts I will never part with.  One was a gift from my brother in-law and the other is a gift from my wife that has my niece’s name on it (Brooklyn), 3 pairs of jeans and all of my under armor shorts.  Parks says that’s all she ever sees me in.  LOL.  Love that kid.


How do you get mail?

B – There are several different options if you ever consider becoming a nomad.  We did a lot of life changes all at once so opted not to add figuring out how to become domicile at the same time.  There are many legal and tax considerations when choosing your domicile address so we stuck with what we know.  We stayed Missouri residents and have a PO Box in Lee’s Summit.  If something important needs mailed, we give our son’s address so he can watch for it.  He has a key to our PO Box too.  So far, this has worked for us.  If you choose domicile, you can hire a company to receive your mail and they will email you pictures of your mail.  You can choose to trash or have it sent to where you are.  Most campgrounds will receive mail for you if you let them know in advance something is coming.  When we leave town, we will just have our son, check our PO Box and he can figure it out.  Love you, Cameron!  This might change in the future but for this year, Missouri PO Box.

V – We have a PO box in Lees Summit, please feel free to send money anytime.

Where do you work?

B – We work for Aspen Contracting as project consultants.  We thought this was a total career change but have been pleasantly surprised how close the insurance process is with a car claim vs. a home claim.  We know how to deal with insurance companies.  Or do you mean, where do you work in the camper?  We don’t use the “dining room.”  We converted that space into a lovely home office.

V – We went to work for Aspen Contracting.  Bec was hired first so officially, she says she is my boss.  But let’s not kid ourselves here, she has been the boss from day one. Even when we worked for different companies she was still my boss.  I would get home at night and explain about my day and she would be quick to tell me this is how it should have done.  I would have my legal pad out making notes, calling people to say what she said but in my words. Don’t want to give her to much credit here but she is my ROCK.

How do you keep from killing each other?

B – How do you know I’m not answering for Vince?

V- KILL her? Never, but take her to the laundry room so she can watch real house wives of what ever bullshit town, is a nice break.  The only problem with that is she will text me in the middle “BEER ME.” Since she is the boss, happy wife, happy life so I bring her beer. SHIT, this is so high school all over again.

How do you watch TV?

B – Free WiFi and some campgrounds have free cable.  We have Apple TV and Hulu.  We had Sling but it never seemed to work so canceled.

V – All i have to say about TV is this is the FIRST week in 2 months I am able to watch Nascar and there is a fucking rain delay. SHOOT me.  Now I have to watch some crime shit show on a Escape TV. FML.  I should be worried Bec only likes to watch “murder” on TV.

Are you having a midlife crisis (this question actually comes from our son)?

B – Probably.

V – NO! We have been stuck in jobs since we were kids.  We have been raising babies since we were kids.  We called our children and talked to them about this decision.  They all told us to go have fun.  You have more then earned it.  We all have apartments, and are okay.  Go do something for yourselves and have fun doing it.

Where do you keep the kitty litter?

B – Originally, we removed a door from a storage cabinet and slid the litter box in there.  I loved this.  You couldn’t see it or smell it.  But the dogs ruined it and would not stop eating the litter.  Now, we keep the litter box in the shower.  Mike crawls under the door and goes in the shower.  This is not as awesome as you can smell it as soon as he goes.  Poor Vince is scooping litter several times a day.  When Vince wants to shower, he has to put the box on the floor and he likes to clean the shower before he cleans himself.  I don’t blame him.  The storage cabinet is the way to go unless you have dogs.

V – Mike was named after The Godfather, the best movie of all time.  He looks just like the kitten from the opening of the movie that Vito was petting. Mike rules the camper.  If he wants his litter box at the end of our bed, that’s where its going.  You know what happens when you screw with Michael Corleone.


This picture shows our home office and the cabinet under Vince is where the litter box used to live.  I wish it was there now.  Contrary to Vince’s answer, Mary is the reason the box was moved to the shower.  Mike had no say.  If Mary would have survived Godfather III, she would be running the family.  But no, she got involved with her cousin, Vinny.  FML!

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