Drama Drama Drama

Our new life doesn’t offer a lot of excitement.  Most people we meet are on vacation.  We moved back to my favorite campground, so far, because it turns out I like WiFi and laundry rooms more than sleep.

I was in my happy place, watching Bravo with the whirl of washers and dryers in the background when a teenager invaded my space.  I promptly informed her I had the machines full but I would be done with the washers in about 30 minutes.  She told me it was no big deal because her clothes were already in the dryer.  Ummm no, those are my clothes in all the dryers.  Sweet girl didn’t believe me and checked anyway.  She then asked me what I did with her clothes.  (Oh no, she didn’t.)  I told her when I arrived, about 40 minutes before her, all the machines were empty.  She said okay and left.

About twenty minutes pass and mama bear comes in looking for her laundry.  I explain I had already spoke to little bear and when I arrived, the machines were empty.  She goes on and on about how much she hates this location and she’s had so many problems with her laundry getting stolen.  She tells me how she buys expensive clothes and an entire load of PINK were stolen.  I am trying really hard not to be snarky at this point.  First of all, I love our location.  Second of all, I like PINK clothes but I wouldn’t claim them to be expensive or a commodity of women our age.  To be fair, she was probably ten hard years younger than me but that’s me being catty.  Whatever.

I point out the camera in the laundry room and advise her to ask the manager if they could review the tape.  She didn’t realize there was a camera but said that made sense since there is a such a homeless* problem in the area.  To be polite, I ask when she did laundry.  She tells me she washed her husband’s work clothes the day before and put them in the dryer before she went to bed.  She left them almost 24 hours and then is shocked they are gone!  Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  One of the many wonderful employees here could have noticed them abandoned when they cleaned the room and took them to the office.  Who knows?  I doubt anyone wanted her husband’s work outfit.

I still lack a lot of patience.


*Continued prayers to the family we met on our first stay.  They are nearing the end of their allowed time here and not sure where they are going to move plus they have car troubles.  They are so nice and I would rather deal with them than Mama Bear in PINK any day of the week.


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