Mamba Mary

I complain a lot about my dogs.  This transition from house to camper has been a challenge as previously documented here and here.  I would recommend not bringing a pet into the RV mix until you have your shit together which we clearly do not.

They keep getting out of their room and tearing up whatever they can find in the camper.  My sweet baby, Mary, is the one breaking free.  She can open the gate.  #beautyandbrains  Now we are putting hot sauce on the piece she pulls on and hoping she doesn’t love Mexican food as much as her mama.

The latest escape was not documented in pictures due to the devastation.  My nephew is getting married in June and I was addressing invitations.  Not to brag,  but I have a cute handwriting.  Anyway, four guest will not receive their invites due to Mary busting out her gang and someone eating them.  That might be a bit dramatic since the bride does have extras and everything is fine but it wasn’t a phone call I wanted to make.  Sorry, but my dog ate your wedding invitations.  If you’re keeping track, I think we are up to the 322nd time I’ve cried.

Ooooops, getting sucked in the negative hole.  I think about re-homing but that is not going to happen.  Vince and I don’t want to get rid of any of the animals no matter how much we complain.  We are even teams.  Mary and Optimus are #teambecky.  Sara and Monroe are #teamvince.  Mike hates everyone but is still sleeping on my head so #teambecky.

Anyway, sometimes the universe gives you a gift.  We are still at my favorite place and the park has opened.  Our camper is located near the bottom of the Mamba –  one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world.  The first drop is 205 feet and you get up to speeds of 75 mph.  We enjoyed watching the men walk the track to prepare for the opening but now it’s even more fun watching the cars filled with screaming thrill seekers.  What is even better is Mary is terrified of the Mamba!  Take that!

We like to take the dogs for a walk up the hill from the RV park which leads right to the fence under the Mamba.  Our other dogs could care less but Mary hears the click, click, click of the Mamba and immediately goes on point.  She watches the car fly down and she goes nuts.  It’s the funniest thing ever.  If we have the camper door open, she can hear the click and will point again.  Yes, Mary, the Mamba is going.  I think she’s getting used to people flying by her as I videotaped it today and she wasn’t quite as crazy but it’s still funny.  (When you hit play, the video is the correct orientation.)


My sister is actually in the video too.  She has a gold season pass and text me to walk my dogs!  Side note – as a guest, you can buy discounted tickets and with a season pass, you get a discount at the RV Park.  Winning all around except I did learn, if we are in KC during the winter, this park closes for a couple of months.  A lot of campgrounds in Missouri do but hopefully with Winterfest, the RV park will consider becoming year round – hint, hint!


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