Camper Crafts

My nephew is getting married and I was called upon to organize the shower for my side of the family.  This includes the shower decorations and the first time I’ve attempted to do any sorts of crafts in my camper. The weather was cold and windy so I had to be indoors.  No bueno.    It was tough.  I don’t have a table large enough inside to spread out.  The floor is bumpy and it wasn’t ideal conditions but I needed to make a banner for a fireplace and photo prop.

shower shower2

Somehow turn this pile of supplies into something while being crammed into a tiny space. Obviously the plain gift bags are becoming a banner.

I realized I don’t own a nice outfit to wear to the shower but I kept a hole punch.  Came in handy but really?  I got rid of 98% of my clothing but kept a hole punch!  WTF!


Vince thinks I bag on him a lot in this blog.  Maybe I do so here is evidence that he is really nice and made me a bacon and egg sandwich during my craft break.  Thanks, babe!  You will have to check my Facebook page as to why he didn’t accept my gratitude since I can’t made fun of him during this post.

And then he helped me with the photo board!  So much awesomeness.

I don’t think it turned out too bad for being created in a camper.

My sister and her future daughter in law!  Her son, Carter, is the first grandchild to be married so it’s pretty exciting for our family.

Camper life is pretty close to the same as house life.  You still attend family functions.  You’re still called to craft.  The living quarters are small but the life is still very large.

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