Vince’s Turn Times 3

Don’t get too excited, he didn’t write this post.  This is his episode of camper crafts.  Cue the applause.  The kitty litter has been a big topic on this blog and in our daily life.  I loved it in the cabinet but couldn’t keep Mary out of it.


I hated it in the shower because you could smell it every time Mike used the facilities.  And if Vince wanted to shower, he had to move the box and then bleach the shower.  There was nothing convenient about it.  My sister, Jenny, did tell me when she came over, she couldn’t smell the kitty litter.  Vince did a good job of cleaning it but when we came home from work and opened the door, we knew immediately if Mike had used the box or not.

We are now on to our third attempt.  Thanks to the interwebs, and other RV lifestylers, I got the idea to cut a hole into Vince’s night stand.  It leads to the storage space under the front of the camper.  My thought process is the dogs can’t find it, Mike can get there, we can empty the litter from outside.  When I was at the shower yesterday, Vince made all my kitty litter dreams come true.


Sorry for the blurry before pic.  Vince did not take pics of his process because he is an amateur blogger.  This terrible pic is actually my nightstand that we will not cut holes in because it’s mine and it’s terrible enough Mike sleeps on my head.


Sorry about the pic with the actual shit included. This is real life.  After Vince cut the hole, Mike found the box immediately.  We are going to put a curtain over it so we don’t have to look at it.  You actually can’t see it if you happen to walk on Vince’s side of the bed.

The outside feature is my favorite part!  Open that door and voila – the kitty litter.  So easy to scoop into the trash!

Of course, Mary already found it but that has been an easy fix.  I know the door is paper but the dogs ignore it when it’s closed.


Sorry for the unmade bed and messy camper counters.  You caught us in a real moment.  Really happy to not smell kitty litter!

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