New Problem

Our bathroom door keeps locking.  Only there isn’t a lock on it.  I swear, every time I need to go bad, the door won’t open.  Vince has to get tools out to pry the door open.  We have yet to figure out why this is happening.


I don’t mean to laugh but last night, Vince got stuck.  He went in the middle of the night and got locked in.  I’ve never been locked in, usually locked out but he claims it took him yelling at me for 15 minutes before I woke up.  I think he exaggerates because even thought he is a patient man, I don’t think he stood in the bathroom for 15 minutes without kicking the door down.  I mean, we all have our limits.

Awake, I wasn’t much more help.  I couldn’t pick the non-existent lock with the knife the way he does.  He won’t let me use power tools.  He told me to use a credit card and then changed his mind to our HyVee fuel saver card.  He thought I would break his debit card and then what?  I still couldn’t pick the lock because there isn’t a lock!!!  I passed the fuel saver card under the door and he got it open.

He then decided to just keep the card in the bathroom in case of an emergency.  The emergency will be if I get locked in when he is not home.  I can’t pick an imaginary lock.  I don’t understand what is happening!



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