It Begins

There are so many blogs and Facebook groups devoted to remodeling your RV.  At first, Vince was not on board.  He even made me double check with a dealer, in case we ever traded in our current home.  I am just not sure how many manufacturers believe anyone enjoys their stock decor.  It’s horrible.  We’ve committed to this little space for a year so I can’t be expected to look at this hideous decor much longer.

The brown walls and terrible wallpaper border must go.  I have big plans for our tiny house on wheels.  One huge positive is it’s very inexpensive to remodel 350 square feet.  I found the backsplash I wanted on sale.  It’s a discontinued color so I got it for half price and since I didn’t need much, this upgrade was around $30.

It’s a peel and stick tile that was so easy to apply.  I actually did most of it myself but when it came to cutting around the controls, I let Vince take over.


I think it’s so darn cute and just want to keep going.  Not with the tile but with all my other ideas.  Poor Vince.  He thought the honey do list ended when he sold the house.  It’s currently longer than ever.


Love it!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you know I’m doing the two day Cleanse from ItWorks.  I will post a review tomorrow of how I’m feeling.

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