A camera dump and little bit of normal life around the campground.  My daughter, Kennadee, flew in for a visit which of course, brought out her best friend, my sister and her kids.  We loved having this group visit our tiny home.


Jenny (my sister), Kennadee, Me, Brynnley (Kennadee’s best friend), Maggie (niece) and Carsyn (niece).  My nephew, Dawson, was also there but he didn’t want to be in the pic so he took the pic!  You can tell Jenny is in huge trouble with Mags!  So much sass and I love it!


Little known fact about Vince is he eats an entire tomato as a snack.  Hopefully this little plant will supply him with more than enough snacks!  We will call this container camper gardening and our first attempt.


I’m a total fan girl and was totally stoked to see Trent Willmon following me on Twitter.  The retweet was actually very old but he seems new to Twitter so he’s forgiven!  And he followed me!  The song I mentioned was On Again Tonight.  It’s an oldie but still amazing.

We are still working on the remodel.  I am going to take the tile to the top on that side.  You just don’t see the pic yet because I haven’t finished.  I decided to paint the bottom cabinets a dark gray.  These are not finished yet so don’t bother pointing out the flaws to me.  I can already see them and I’m already on it.  And by on it, I’ve put blue tape on the flaws for Vince to fix.  I would post that pic but Vince would kill me. I am going to paint the top cabinets white.  I’ve already picked out wallpaper and floors.  Poor Vince.


My baby daughter is in town now.  She’s such an animal lover and immediately found a tick on Optimus.  She supervised Vince’s surgery to remove the disgusting thing.  She hasn’t left yet so there will be more pictures to come.  She rocked her freshman year in college and I’m so happy to have her home, errr camping, for a few days.

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