Mamba Mary

I complain a lot about my dogs.  This transition from house to camper has been a challenge as previously documented here and here.  I would recommend not bringing a pet into the RV mix until you have your shit together which we clearly do not.

They keep getting out of their room and tearing up whatever they can find in the camper.  My sweet baby, Mary, is the one breaking free.  She can open the gate.  #beautyandbrains  Now we are putting hot sauce on the piece she pulls on and hoping she doesn’t love Mexican food as much as her mama.

The latest escape was not documented in pictures due to the devastation.  My nephew is getting married in June and I was addressing invitations.  Not to brag,  but I have a cute handwriting.  Anyway, four guest will not receive their invites due to Mary busting out her gang and someone eating them.  That might be a bit dramatic since the bride does have extras and everything is fine but it wasn’t a phone call I wanted to make.  Sorry, but my dog ate your wedding invitations.  If you’re keeping track, I think we are up to the 322nd time I’ve cried.

Ooooops, getting sucked in the negative hole.  I think about re-homing but that is not going to happen.  Vince and I don’t want to get rid of any of the animals no matter how much we complain.  We are even teams.  Mary and Optimus are #teambecky.  Sara and Monroe are #teamvince.  Mike hates everyone but is still sleeping on my head so #teambecky.

Anyway, sometimes the universe gives you a gift.  We are still at my favorite place and the park has opened.  Our camper is located near the bottom of the Mamba –  one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world.  The first drop is 205 feet and you get up to speeds of 75 mph.  We enjoyed watching the men walk the track to prepare for the opening but now it’s even more fun watching the cars filled with screaming thrill seekers.  What is even better is Mary is terrified of the Mamba!  Take that!

We like to take the dogs for a walk up the hill from the RV park which leads right to the fence under the Mamba.  Our other dogs could care less but Mary hears the click, click, click of the Mamba and immediately goes on point.  She watches the car fly down and she goes nuts.  It’s the funniest thing ever.  If we have the camper door open, she can hear the click and will point again.  Yes, Mary, the Mamba is going.  I think she’s getting used to people flying by her as I videotaped it today and she wasn’t quite as crazy but it’s still funny.  (When you hit play, the video is the correct orientation.)


My sister is actually in the video too.  She has a gold season pass and text me to walk my dogs!  Side note – as a guest, you can buy discounted tickets and with a season pass, you get a discount at the RV Park.  Winning all around except I did learn, if we are in KC during the winter, this park closes for a couple of months.  A lot of campgrounds in Missouri do but hopefully with Winterfest, the RV park will consider becoming year round – hint, hint!


Drama Drama Drama

Our new life doesn’t offer a lot of excitement.  Most people we meet are on vacation.  We moved back to my favorite campground, so far, because it turns out I like WiFi and laundry rooms more than sleep.

I was in my happy place, watching Bravo with the whirl of washers and dryers in the background when a teenager invaded my space.  I promptly informed her I had the machines full but I would be done with the washers in about 30 minutes.  She told me it was no big deal because her clothes were already in the dryer.  Ummm no, those are my clothes in all the dryers.  Sweet girl didn’t believe me and checked anyway.  She then asked me what I did with her clothes.  (Oh no, she didn’t.)  I told her when I arrived, about 40 minutes before her, all the machines were empty.  She said okay and left.

About twenty minutes pass and mama bear comes in looking for her laundry.  I explain I had already spoke to little bear and when I arrived, the machines were empty.  She goes on and on about how much she hates this location and she’s had so many problems with her laundry getting stolen.  She tells me how she buys expensive clothes and an entire load of PINK were stolen.  I am trying really hard not to be snarky at this point.  First of all, I love our location.  Second of all, I like PINK clothes but I wouldn’t claim them to be expensive or a commodity of women our age.  To be fair, she was probably ten hard years younger than me but that’s me being catty.  Whatever.

I point out the camera in the laundry room and advise her to ask the manager if they could review the tape.  She didn’t realize there was a camera but said that made sense since there is a such a homeless* problem in the area.  To be polite, I ask when she did laundry.  She tells me she washed her husband’s work clothes the day before and put them in the dryer before she went to bed.  She left them almost 24 hours and then is shocked they are gone!  Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  One of the many wonderful employees here could have noticed them abandoned when they cleaned the room and took them to the office.  Who knows?  I doubt anyone wanted her husband’s work outfit.

I still lack a lot of patience.


*Continued prayers to the family we met on our first stay.  They are nearing the end of their allowed time here and not sure where they are going to move plus they have car troubles.  They are so nice and I would rather deal with them than Mama Bear in PINK any day of the week.



We’ve been receiving a lot of questions about our lifestyle change.  We are two months in so I feel we are experts now (ha ha) and can answer a few of them.  You’re in for an extra treat because I will allow Vince to answer them for himself.

What do you eat?

B – Normal food.  We go to the store and our camper has a stove and fridge just like normal folks in a house.  Sometimes we grill out.  It’s the same life, people.  I would say the only difference is we don’t buy in bulk.  There is no room for a bag of apples or a 12 pack of toilet paper.  We only buy what we need at that moment.

V – One of Bec’s rules is we have to get a camp site within a mile of a Taco Bell.  Just kidding. This is one of the things that reminds me of how New Yorkers must live.  We have to shop for just a couple days instead of the entire week.  I would like to think its healthier for us because we normally cook fresh food but not really. With this new job, I am finding we are eating at very odd hours of the day. Last night we didn’t have dinner until almost 9:00 pm.


Why don’t you shower in the camper?

B – Because the fucking hot water only last 5 minutes tops!  I enjoy a long, luxurious, scald-my-skin shower.  I just start relaxing and the hot water is gone.  I would rather go to the shower house and feel like I took a shower.  We have checked in to getting a tankless water heater.  All the reviews say the hot water will last an hour so sign me up.  However, it cost $1200.  Gonna have to save some coins.

V –  I take showers in the camper depending on the weather outside.  There is a switch on the shower head that lets you turn to water on and off.  I can make the 5 minute water last.  If you grew up in house full of girls, like I did, you knew to be the first one to the shower or the hot water was gone by the time it was your turn. Don’t get me wrong, certain shower houses are super nice and worth walking to them.

Where do you keep your clothes?

B – In a tiny closet that I need to purge again.  I guess you forgot that I sold or donated the majority of my wardrobe.  I really don’t own clothes or shoes anymore.  Who the hell am I?

V – Clothes, who needs them? I have a maybe 10 tee shirts and 2 sweatshirts I will never part with.  One was a gift from my brother in-law and the other is a gift from my wife that has my niece’s name on it (Brooklyn), 3 pairs of jeans and all of my under armor shorts.  Parks says that’s all she ever sees me in.  LOL.  Love that kid.


How do you get mail?

B – There are several different options if you ever consider becoming a nomad.  We did a lot of life changes all at once so opted not to add figuring out how to become domicile at the same time.  There are many legal and tax considerations when choosing your domicile address so we stuck with what we know.  We stayed Missouri residents and have a PO Box in Lee’s Summit.  If something important needs mailed, we give our son’s address so he can watch for it.  He has a key to our PO Box too.  So far, this has worked for us.  If you choose domicile, you can hire a company to receive your mail and they will email you pictures of your mail.  You can choose to trash or have it sent to where you are.  Most campgrounds will receive mail for you if you let them know in advance something is coming.  When we leave town, we will just have our son, check our PO Box and he can figure it out.  Love you, Cameron!  This might change in the future but for this year, Missouri PO Box.

V – We have a PO box in Lees Summit, please feel free to send money anytime.

Where do you work?

B – We work for Aspen Contracting as project consultants.  We thought this was a total career change but have been pleasantly surprised how close the insurance process is with a car claim vs. a home claim.  We know how to deal with insurance companies.  Or do you mean, where do you work in the camper?  We don’t use the “dining room.”  We converted that space into a lovely home office.

V – We went to work for Aspen Contracting.  Bec was hired first so officially, she says she is my boss.  But let’s not kid ourselves here, she has been the boss from day one. Even when we worked for different companies she was still my boss.  I would get home at night and explain about my day and she would be quick to tell me this is how it should have done.  I would have my legal pad out making notes, calling people to say what she said but in my words. Don’t want to give her to much credit here but she is my ROCK.

How do you keep from killing each other?

B – How do you know I’m not answering for Vince?

V- KILL her? Never, but take her to the laundry room so she can watch real house wives of what ever bullshit town, is a nice break.  The only problem with that is she will text me in the middle “BEER ME.” Since she is the boss, happy wife, happy life so I bring her beer. SHIT, this is so high school all over again.

How do you watch TV?

B – Free WiFi and some campgrounds have free cable.  We have Apple TV and Hulu.  We had Sling but it never seemed to work so canceled.

V – All i have to say about TV is this is the FIRST week in 2 months I am able to watch Nascar and there is a fucking rain delay. SHOOT me.  Now I have to watch some crime shit show on a Escape TV. FML.  I should be worried Bec only likes to watch “murder” on TV.

Are you having a midlife crisis (this question actually comes from our son)?

B – Probably.

V – NO! We have been stuck in jobs since we were kids.  We have been raising babies since we were kids.  We called our children and talked to them about this decision.  They all told us to go have fun.  You have more then earned it.  We all have apartments, and are okay.  Go do something for yourselves and have fun doing it.

Where do you keep the kitty litter?

B – Originally, we removed a door from a storage cabinet and slid the litter box in there.  I loved this.  You couldn’t see it or smell it.  But the dogs ruined it and would not stop eating the litter.  Now, we keep the litter box in the shower.  Mike crawls under the door and goes in the shower.  This is not as awesome as you can smell it as soon as he goes.  Poor Vince is scooping litter several times a day.  When Vince wants to shower, he has to put the box on the floor and he likes to clean the shower before he cleans himself.  I don’t blame him.  The storage cabinet is the way to go unless you have dogs.

V – Mike was named after The Godfather, the best movie of all time.  He looks just like the kitten from the opening of the movie that Vito was petting. Mike rules the camper.  If he wants his litter box at the end of our bed, that’s where its going.  You know what happens when you screw with Michael Corleone.


This picture shows our home office and the cabinet under Vince is where the litter box used to live.  I wish it was there now.  Contrary to Vince’s answer, Mary is the reason the box was moved to the shower.  Mike had no say.  If Mary would have survived Godfather III, she would be running the family.  But no, she got involved with her cousin, Vinny.  FML!

Lake Jacomo Campground

About eight years ago, Vince and I thought it would be a great time to take our kids camping.  We had a lot of them and it seemed like a cheap, fun activity.  We owned tents and planned a weekend adventure not far from Sunset Drive in case things went South.  I remember having a good time with smores, ghost stories around the campfire and water balloon fights.  We couldn’t wait for Jacomo to open for the season to move our home there and relive the awesomeness.

Sometimes memories are better than the reality.  The views are gorgeous if you are lucky enough to get one of the 19 full hookup sites.  There are 57 spots total with varying degrees of comfort but they cater to campers.  You can only stay there for 14 days before you have to move along.  We did ask for an extension and they approved it since we are there for work but we decided I am not really a camper.  We need WiFi to work (and watch Vanderpump Rules)  and there is none.  Not loving our Sprint jet pack and it may go back.  We need laundry and there is not a laundry room.  I am super high maintenance.

Jacomo does offer an amazing camp host.  They are very nice people and we enjoyed meeting them.  You can buy firewood and ice.  Your site comes with a grill and a picnic table.  The playground was nice but again, no dogs allowed.  I’m not sure why dogs are not allowed at any of the playgrounds.

The shower house was clean but cold.  There were four bathroom/shower houses.  The water was hot but the room was so large that when you stepped out, you froze your ass off.  Didn’t enjoy that part but it was clean.  One of these days in my Q&A post, I will address why I don’t shower in my camper.



There are deer everywhere and raccoons.  The dumpster was not near our site so we would throw our bag in the back of the truck only to find paw prints all over the truck and the trash shredded.  In our defense, we did just come from Worlds of Fun and they took care of our trash.

Would I stay here again?  On vacation – yes.  To live my life – no.  I need the basic things like WiFi and laundry.  I went to a laundry mat during this Jacomo stay.  I wasn’t impressed. In fact, I walked out of one in Lee’s Summit and drove to Blue Springs.  Laundry mat reviews could be an entirely new niche.  Actually, Kristin, I think this could be your calling.

Let’s see if you can guess where I am now!


Home Sweet Home!

Other Campground Reviews:


Worlds of Fun Village


Today is my favorite day!  Vince and I got married on Friday the 13th so every time this date rolls around, it’s an anniversary.  We’ve only been married 9 years but this is our 16th Friday the 13th!  See, how I’ve worked in all this extra attention from him?  I don’t really need it since we live in tight quarters but it was a great thought at the time.

The weather this week has been amazing mostly due to the sun.  I need the light and warmth.

Paperwork by the camper beats being stuck in an office any day.  Vince inspecting a roof with our nephew, Maveric, holding the ladder.  This weekend is going to be weather challenged but hoping for an amazing week starting Monday.  Let’s get this spring rolling.


We did meet a lovely family, fellow bloggers, living the RV dream.  Instead of four dogs and a cat, their adventure includes two children.  It was great to discuss “issues” with like-minded friends.  For example, how many pairs of shoes did you keep?  Have you purged anything already?  What kind of grill do you have?  Do you cook inside or outside?  Where do you work in the RV?  How do you stay organized?  Definitely solving world problems but it was interesting to hear how they do it and relieved to hear they are going through some of the same mental stuff.  Haven’t met many people in person going the opposite way of a normal life.  You can follow Tiffany and Jacob and their adorable children here. 


Mike’s karma finally caught up to him.  He got stuck on the top of the bathroom door.  I don’t even feel bad he was scared and cried for help as I got my phone out to snap a picture.  Not sure what he thought he was doing but he made a mistake and I was very happy to witness it.  He’s lucky we were home!

Until next time!

First World Problems

Adjusting to RV life has been rough.  I knew I was a brat but I also knew that I loved our weekend camper at the lake so I was smug.  I got this but all my feelings don’t even fit in this Holiday Rambler!  I find myself agitated easily because everything has to stay picked up or there is nowhere to walk.  Vince is a toddler and drops whatever is in his hand wherever he stands.  At least he is close to me when I am throwing his shit back at him. My percentage of hitting him is a lot higher now than when we lived in a house.

I shouldn’t complain too much about Vince because he does change the propane tank in the middle of the night when the furnace stops working.  He walks the dogs more than I do.  He cleans out the kitty litter.  I am trying to ignore his socks on the floor next to his side of the bed even though I can see them from where I am typing.  He’s not a first world problem but the rest of this post whines ridiculousness.

I am not sure my beloved plant is going to make it. The dogs are not leaving it alone and I am not sure where to move it.

I guess she looks better than she did scattered all over the floor but I still don’t think she is going to survive.

One of our couch cushions is forever smooshed.  No matter how many times I fluff, it sags.  It bothers me.  I want our couch to look nice.  We don’t have a lot of material things so I want a nice couch.


I caught Optimus in the act but he’s not the only one that ruins the cushion.  This is the favorite spot of all the dogs.  They can look out the window and bark at everyone.  The campground host drives by in his golf cart hourly.  You can set your watch by the howls.  Sure, I can close that blind but then they stick their noses through the blinds and break that too.  I think every room in our house on Sunset had a broken blind from nosey dog noses.  The blind was only closed for the picture.

We’ve established Mike is an asshole.  Things have not improved.  He sleeps on my head.  I’m trying to take it as a compliment because google says he’s protecting me.  Thanks but get off my head.  He’s not smothering me because he’s literally on the top of my head with his paws in my hair.  Google also says he could just like the smell of my shampoo.  My shampoo is not new.  He never slept on my head when we lived on Sunset so I don’t understand this new obsession.


You can not be on the computer without him.  Most the time he’s on the keyboard and you have to push him off.  He will not go away.  Put him on the floor, he comes right back.  Throw him across the camper, he comes right back – not that I would do that.  There is no escaping him.  Ever.  I wonder if we would have given him a different name, his personality would be different.  Michael Corleone might be too much.

I think I just need some warm weather.  We had one day of sun and my favorite part of camping happened.


Fire!  Except Vince wouldn’t let me start the fire. (oops, there is that negativity again) In fact, he started the fire without telling me because he used gas.  I love to start the fire but he gets mad/worried when I use gas because it’s been out of control before.  I’m not proud of my pyromania but I do love to burn things. Reminds me of burning leaves with my Grandma at the Ozarks.  She let me start the fire and she let me take the trash down the hill to the metal barrel and set it on fire by myself.  One of Vince’s most romantic moments was when he came home with a bundle of wood and lighter fluid.  Forget flowers in a vase, know what your woman wants.

When I was sitting next to the fire, I watched the deer wander around.  They come up pretty close and we’ve seen them every day.  Our dogs barking don’t bother them.


I’m ready to be out of this adjustment phase.  I’ve been receiving a lot of questions on Facebook.  I plan on doing a Q&A post soon so keep them coming.  I think they are pretty funny but I am the crazy person that sold all her stuff to live in a camper so fire away.  FIRE.  Fire.  fire.





He’s Alive

Editor’s Note:  I keep getting asked a lot of questions about Vince.  Yes, he is still alive.  He wrote a little blog or cry for help.  You decide.

SOL ?????

I wanted to write a quick little blog about our life in the camper.  Our work days seem to blend together and we never know what day it is.  We are always asking each other if it’s Monday or Thursday?  What is the date?  We also ask what direction is the front of the house facing on the houses we are inspecting for storm damage.  Luckily we have an app for that.

Our first storm is in Pleasant Hill.  I know this town.  I lived here.  You don’t go to the door before 5 pm on the week days or before 10 am on a Saturday.  Door bells are for strangers.  You knock on the door in PHill as it’s a sign of your friend is here for flour or sugar.  After 7 pm, you better be ready for a beer and bullshit around the bonfire.

The best part of this storm is my baby sister and mother live there.  I get to inspect damage in their neighborhood and watch my niece and nephew playing.


Not sure if you can see Maveric in the blue power wheels truck but it’s pretty awesome to be at work and see little man playing at the same time.  When I was on this roof, I could hear Becky and Chelsea (little sister) laughing.  It echoed through the cul-de-sac.  My mom also lives in PHill and I could hear her and Becky solving world problems when I was on her roof.  It’s a different view from the top.

Two months ago, I never thought my job would take me to an area of town where I could see my mom and my sister every day.  It’s been a blessing.

I’m not sure Becky will include this in her campground review but this is where I fell in with her ten years ago.

Blessing come at the oddest times.

– Vince