Out in the Boondocks

When we pulled into our new home, the campground host commented that we must really love to camp since it was sleeting.  Ummm yea, that’s it.  I mean, we obviously don’t hate it but we just came from the glamping life so here I am, adjusting . . . again.

Before we moved out of our house, I told Vince about this growing trend in the RV community of Boondockers.  These people camp for free on public land and even though technically, staying over night at WalMart would qualify as Boondocking, true ‘dockers get really offended being lumped in with the parking lot crowd.  They use generators or solar panels for electricity.  Water is bottled or how long they can survive with what is in their tank.  WiFi is a maybe depending on how remote they go and if they are trying to live off the grid.

In my opinion, our current campground is pretty primitive and Vince is comparing it to Boondocking to cheer me up.  We have electricity but no WiFi unless we turn on our jetpack.  We have water but it was frozen all day yesterday and most of today.  This time it was not our fault.  And we are paying for these luxurious accommodations so not Boondocking at all.  Did I mention there is no laundry room?

We replaced the baby gate with this industrial strength gate?!  I don’t know what else you would call it but I don’t think the dogs can escape from their room again.  doggygate

A dog ate my Timberland boots so that was all the purging I had in me.  Sorry, Vince.  Hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow and I will have a view of the lake so my soul can reset.


Worlds of Fun Village

Our second campground was the lovely Worlds of Fun Village off 435N right next to, you guessed it, Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun in Kansas City.


We actually really enjoyed our stay here and would stay longer but work is pulling us South and I’ve already mentioned, I prefer sleep.  The campground has 82 RV sites on concrete pads.  Vince had no problem leveling the camper.  Each site comes with a picnic table, grill and a trash can.  An employee came by every day and emptied the trash so I will just live here forever.  They also have 25 cabins and 20 cottages if you are not fortunate enough to own a camper.

The office was nice and even included a store.  The store was not fully stocked yet for the season but had the basics including Bud Light!  The shower houses were beyond clean, clean, clean!  Vince even had water pressure.  The pool and hot tub were not open yet. The open date is today but I don’t think that is going to happen with the snow/sleet on Easter morning.


We enjoyed the view of the park and watching the men work on the Mamba.  Those people are crazy walking the tracks!  They have 24 hour security and we were even stopped once when we took the dogs on a walk.  They wanted to know what site we were staying on and said they do get a lot of homeless people coming to the park from across the street.  I guess being intentional isn’t obvious.

The WiFi connected on the first try to all of our devices! Glory, Hallelujah!  The pricing is very reasonable and was actually less than Trailside.  You can stay here for a month before having to move for at least 24 hours.  I really only have one complaint about this park.  The Laundry Room:


You would think with how amazing everything else is in the park that the laundry facility would be better than this.  There are 3 washers and 3 dryers except one washer was out of order so there are 2 washers and 3 dryers.  I got way spoiled with washing everything we owned in an hour.  This was pure nonsense and it cost more per load.  I guess we paid less per night but more per laundry load.  First world problem but it won’t deter me from staying here again.


I forgot to mention the trees for privacy.  The Village is open year round and had plenty of empty spaces but someone did move in right next door to us.  I guess sometimes you meet people for reasons you don’t understand but if you pray, send good thoughts to this family.  Their situation is not intentional but they were very kind and their children were beyond polite.  I hope they find joy and resolution.

As for us, we are on to the next one!


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This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Remember this post where I thought the dogs were doing better than the humans?  I take it back.


You can see where they broke out of their bedroom.  They ate a plant I have owned for over 20 years.  Vince is pretty sure I can bring it back to life.  In fact, he has ran to Target for potting soil and plant food to try to resuscitate her because I cried.  The fact that I cried is a big deal.  Before we began this tiny home on wheels adventure, Vince had only seen me cry twice.  The first time was when we watched “Marley and Me.”  Ironic.  The second time was when I lost Lori.  The 3rd, 4th, 5th, 45th, 72nd, 101st time has been in the past two months.  Again, we chose this and I love this adventure and our new jobs but it’s been an adjustment.

Maybe the dogs are acting out by eating my Timberland boots.  Good news is I can now legit buy a new pair of shoes.  They chewed up magazines I haven’t read and stomped on my heart.  We were gone most the day but not longer than when we worked normal jobs.  I took them on an extra long walk this morning. Vince even came out looking for us but so much for doing nice things for these ungrateful dogs!

Here’s your camper tour – freaking dogs destroyed our living room, kitchen, dining room and their bedroom.  Closed door is the bathroom.  Not sure why they didn’t piss in my bed again since the paper doors were open but it doesn’t appear they even entered.

It felt like we walked inside a dumpster.  Welcome home.  I’m turning on The Killers full blast and cleaning this shit up!  Sorry neighbors that chose to move in Right Next To US with a campground full of empty spaces but the music is going to be loud.  We are moving tomorrow so you know what that means – Campground Review! Read my last one here:

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Lost Shaker of Salt

It’s really a strange thing to wake up in a new location and it still feels like home.  I am 30 minutes from my first RV park in Grain Valley but I woke up in my bed with my knick-knack shit.  No matter the zip code, I am home.

Thanks, Hailey, for the another beer sign.  I bet you didn’t know I kept it.  Look at all that “stuff” in the kitchen.  It’s so weird to wake up in a different city and be home.

One of the deals I made with Vince is that I would purge a long the way.  He would like to reduce the weight of the camper until we buy a new truck.  At each campground, if I discover something I haven’t worn or used, I would trash or donate.  I kept my word.  I actually threw something away in Grain Valley.  I probably should have donated it but that seemed like a lot of effort and I was already mourning parting with yet another material item.


Farewell, glorious shaker of Parmesan cheese or multi-tasker of cinnamon and sugar.  It was either you or a pair of shoes and well, we all know the shoes will be last thing left on the side of the road.  Vince will be hitchhiking before any of my remaining shoes find new homes.  #byefelicia  I chose the shaker because it fell out of the cabinet when I was searching for something else.  Damn.

Anyway, our new campground is glorious.  The free WiFi connected on the first try to every single device we own.  My only complaint is a first world problem but really isn’t this blog all about first world problems?  Sorry, Susan, you can’t own a cheese shaker and have 8 washer/dryers.

Trailside RV Park

Our time at our first campground in this adventure has ended and all I can say is -Thankfully.


Trailside is located on I-70 at the Grain Valley exit with 84 sites.  Your basic needs are met with electricity, water and a picnic table!


Not sure if you can see the picnic table in this picture but it really isn’t anything to get excited about.  I wouldn’t eat off it with a tablecloth.  We travel with our own table.  Camping snobs.

The playground seemed fun except no dogs allowed.  Dogs are allowed in the park unless you are a pit bull, doberman, rottweiler or weigh more than 75 pounds.  Thank goodness Mary is a 60 pound lab.  (wink, wink)

I was super psyched to whip Vince’s ass in some tether ball but as you can see, the ball is as awesome as the picnic table.

To be fair, we were there in March so the pool area was not open but I took pics anyway in case you feel like staying there some summer.  They do have WiFi but we never got it to connect the entire time.  We complained.  They gave us the password more than thrice but still no connection.  We gave up.  We used our hot spot on the phones and our jet pack.


The office is very nice and clean.  Our host were lovely as I mentioned before, he saved our dogs from drowning.  I did feel safe here even though the amenities are not great.  The laundry room is spacious with a TV in the lobby but you can’t change the channel so I watched Housewife’s from my phone.  Real Housewives of Trailside. We didn’t have any drama except our neighbors constantly parked on our site and liked to remote start his truck way before we had to wake up in the morning.

The bathrooms were clean.  Excellent reading material in the men’s restroom.

I don’t want to totally bash this campground.  The location is very convenient to everything in Kansas City which is why we chose it.  Would I ever stay here again – hopefully not.


Mike supervising this campground review.  There were a lot of stray cats on the property which drove our dogs nuts.  There is a lot of highway noise due to being next to I-70.  But you are also next to Trailside RV Store.  They did have my amazing ice cube trays and gave us a catalog.  We’ve circled items like Christmas.

I guess I would give this campground a neutral rating.  Clean counts for a lot.  Basic is the best word to describe it.  And now we are on the to the next one.


Every time I see the back of our camper, I am reminded of the movie, Vacation.  Holiday Road.  Cracks me up.

Step Dog

I planned to do a review of our current campground after we changed locales but we are staying put another week due to training classes for our new jobs.  Logistically, it made more sense to stay at Campground Numero Uno because I like to sleep.  Ideally, I wanted to move for pretty scenery but I love sleep more than amber waves of grain.  So, you just have to wait for my opinion.  I know you’re excited.

Anyway, our camper is dry from the previous fiasco and that’s all I’m going to say about that.  My present day pain involves a certain dog.


This is Optimus Blank Williams.  He doesn’t even have our last name because he is not our dog!  He belongs to my darling daughter, Kennadee.  She lives in Florida and this crazy, corgi mutt bit her roommate so instead of returning or rehoming, I took him because I have the dumbest soft spot for dogs which is my mother’s fault.  We can go into that topic another day with a therapist.

Optimus is a runner.  One Christmas, when he was just visiting, he got out of our house on Sunset and took off.  Vince trying to solve everyone’s problems, per usual, ran out in the snow, barefoot and topless chasing this dang dog.  Pretty hilarious, except Parker jumped in a car, drove down the street, opened the door and Optimus jumped in.  He won’t come back when you call him but he will jump in a car.  Vince walked home practically naked to cool off.

Optimus has got out of the camper twice, so far.  The first time, a fellow camper called his name and Optimus went right to him.  WTF!  Weird!  Optimus does not come when you call his name.  He does not care.  When we went on our official walk later that evening, we noticed this dude has Florida plates and a St. Augustine sticker in his window.  Optimus knew his people and wanted to hitch a ride home!  We are about to ask him if he wants a dog because this dog must not love us.  The second time he escaped, we remembered his weakness.  Vince jumped in the truck and he was recovered quickly.  So frustrating to remember to open our front door slowly because the cat or the corgi might make a great escape. Ain’t nobody got time to chase either one of them.

I am also going to blame Optimus for my next nightmare because he is fully potty trained.  He never has accidents BUT someone pissed in our bed.  He is not kenneled and I don’t think the 5 pound yorkie produced what I found when I went to bed.  I had stayed up way past my bedtime so I was beyond pissed (literally) to sit in the campground laundromat at midnight because we don’t have extra sheets/comforters.  Maybe we should get an extra set but I have no idea where to store them.  Vince would suggest the shoe drawer but that is only because his shoes are not allowed in this space.  #hater


Our couch has a nifty storage drawer.  I threw my work boots on top to cover all the pumps I kept.  Ignore me.  So, instead of being practical, I visited this lovely facility in the middle of the night.


Sneak peak of my review – I do feel safe here.  The neighbors and campground host are very nice. I kind of like doing 8 loads of laundry at once.  I turn Sling on my phone to watch all the reality TV.  Vince brings me beer which follows me into the shower.


I could take a shower in my camper but we will save that reason for another blog.  Shit is getting real.


Vince talking on the phone about me with one of his friends.  I may be in the “office” but I can hear and see you!  There is no other room to storm in and slam the door.  I guess I could slam the front door but Optimus might escape and it’s raining.  Honeymoon Phase Over.

Green Acres

Vince wants me to preface this story with another story, meaning he wants to assign blame.  Now he is not blaming me for what exactly happened but he is blaming me for this entire adventure because it was MY idea.  And I guess it was.  Welcome to my crazy.


After we had locked the safety bar on this roller coaster, we went to Jack Stack BBQ to celebrate.  The sweet bartender asked us what we were celebrating.  I confidently told her we had just sold our house, we were quitting our normal jobs and we were hitting the open road with new careers.  As soon as the words flew out, I turned to Vince with wide eyes and said,  “That sounds so much better when I say it in my head.  I’ve never said it out loud before.  What did we just do?”

Keep in mind, the roller coaster is in motion.  Vince realizes he’s been listening to the voices in my head as well.  He orders a double shot of WTF but here we are.  The great camper debate is now which one is the most crazy – the person with the voices in her head or the dumb man doing what the voices say.


Our first camper screw up is we are still in Missouri but we are from Missouri.  We know Missouri in March is cold.  Our rookie mistake is the water hose froze overnight. Embarrassing because we are not new to camping but we did not take precaution so we did not have water this morning.  No worries because we are in a campground so we do our business in the shower house except I forgot my toothbrush.  Get back to the camper, turn on the faucet to see if maybe a trickle had thawed out.  Nope.  Brush my teeth with some water from a water bottle and we head out the door to conquer the morning.


This smart couple arrives back to camp hours later for some ham sandwiches.  We open the door and there is water freaking everywhere.  My first thought is Optimus and Monroe have peed like they never have been outside in their lives.  They are the only two not kenneled and therefore, responsible.  We walk all the way in and it’s not piss.  It’s water puddled all over the floor.  Vince begins cursing like the father in “A Christmas Story” and running around like he’s fixing the furnace.  It’s a clinker, that blasted stupid furnace dadgummit.

Vince discovers our water is turned off so he turns it back on to see where the flooding started.  The bathroom sink faucet starts flowing.  So let’s recap.  I tried for a drop of water this morning to brush my teeth in the privacy of my camper with no luck.  In my frustration and established craziness, I left the faucet on.  We left.  The gorgeous Missouri sun thaws our hose quickly so the bathroom sink begins working perfectly.  The gray tank fills up and backs up into the bathtub and then backs up into our camper.

There are several things to be thankful for at this point.  Our old camper had a shower stall, not a bathtub.  We have a small tub that filled up before it began spilling into the camper.


Vince did not level the camper perfectly so all the water ran to the front of the camper.  I’m sure now he will claim this is intentional but I will tell the truth and it was not.  However, thankfully, the camper is not level so the water ran to the front and away from our computer and dogs.  Our floors are “tile” and everything wet will dry out.

Very grateful to our lovely campground host that happened to walk by and see water pouring out the front of our camper.  He stopped and turned off our water.  When Vince went to talk to him, he said he hates to admit it but it’s also happened to him.  His advise is to leave the gray tank open when we are parked but we know from experience, not all campgrounds allow this.  This one does.  Vince says he is just going to turn off the water when we leave from now on.